Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Escape #3

If you have not read the background of this story, you can go back to Tuesdays on this blog to catch up. I'm linking in with Josie 2 Shoes for Two Shoes Tuesday and the words leaf and little. The story continues......

Jack asked a few more questions, including where she might be staying. This question really sent a chill up Frances’ spine. She quickly wrapped her sandwich in a napkin, drank her coffee, and stood up to leave.

“Hey, we just got acquainted. Where are you going?”

“I have some things to attend to yet this evening, so need to run. Perhaps we’ll see each other again.” With that she walked in the opposite direction of her hotel and ducked into an Internet cafe several blocks down the street, checking often to see if Jack was following her.

She paid for use of one of the computers, and quickly accessed the Internet to see what she could find in the newspapers. On the second page a headline read, “Son of kingpin Guido Venzetti found dead in his home. Wife Felicia missing and being sought by police.” Frances read on further to see that the police suspected the death of her husband may have been self-defense, as there was evidence of her blood at the scene as well. The police had found no sign of Felicia and are asking that anyone with any information step forward.

Frances sat back in her chair, studying the article. Even if the police think I might have been defending myself, that does not mean Franco’s dad wouldn’t be sending out a contract for me. I have to keep running. If they find out I’ve changed my name and boarded the ship, they will be looking for me right here in England. They had ways to make people talk.

Being careful to avoid the cafe where she had met Jack, she took some side streets back to her hotel. At a travel agency near the hotel, she bought a plane ticket for the next morning to Madrid, Spain. Madrid was a big city where she might be able to escape any questions, turn over another new leaf. She knew a little Spanish from college, and bought a Spanish language book at the travel agency to brush up.  

At the hotel, she removed her bag from the safe, and walked into the elevator. Just as the doors closed, she noted that Jack was approaching the counter in the hotel, but she was pretty sure he did not see her. Was he looking for her? She went to her room and packed all her bags and called for a valet to take her luggage, except for her money, and hail a cab. Taking the service elevator to the lobby, she tied her hood from her sweatshirt around her head and watched to make sure Jack was not in the lobby. It would be safer to stay at the airport than to risk running into him again. He was nowhere in sight.

Okay, my dear friends...what do you see happening next with Frances as she makes a run for Spain. How does Jack figure into all this? Join me next week for the next chapter!

Be sure to check with Josie to read other stories on her two prompts!

Linda Kay

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