Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Escape #4

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The night in the airport was long and very uncomfortable for Frances. She boarded her flight on time at Gate 28 for a short flight to Madrid. From the airport she took a taxi to a hotel near the Plaza, registered, placed her money in the safe at the hotel, and found her room. It occurred to her that she would need to convert some of the money to Euros. What she had with her was already been exchanged at the airport.

Photo of Plaza Mayor
Feeling safer now in the new location, she decided to walk around the Plaza Major (Photo 
from TripAdvisor) to enjoy the street vendors and get a late breakfast.El cafĂ© y un croissant, por favor,” she said to the waiter, trying hard to remember the correct phrases. Hopefully, she would not have to use her Spanish to a great extent.
After her breakfast, she strolled from vendor to vendor to admire the work presented. There were many artists among them, and the work was really beautiful. She stopped to admire a painting of the Plaza.
“Su trabajo es hermoso,” she said, only glancing at the artist.(Your painting is beautiful)
“Gracias. ¿Es usted americano?” was the artist’s question.
“Well, how about we talk in English, then?” He smiled at her, his brown eyes sparkling with 
“That sounds like a great idea. Was I that obvious?”
“Well, let’s see. You look American, you talk with an American accept, and your Spanish is 
very fundamental. So, yes...pretty obvious.  I’m Eric Clayton. I’m spending the summer in 
Spain to practice my art and see the world. And you are?”
“I’m Frances.” She extended her hand in greeting, aware of the warmth of his. “Not sure 
what I’m going to be doing or how long I will stay, but the Plaza is so much fun, and I had a 
delicious breakfast.”
“How about if I close up shop here and join you for a coffee. I’d love some American 
company,” he offered. With that he began to pick up his belongings, leaving the painting 
until last to give it a chance to dry before putting it into his portfolio. “So tell me, how did you happen to choose to come to Madrid?” He took her hand in his right, looping the strap of 
his portfolio over his left shoulder, as he walked with her to the cafe across the Plaza.
“I know a little Spanish, so this looked like the perfect place to visit. I’m not working right 
now, so I might even look for a job here and stay for a while. Do you know of any place 
where I might work?”
“I know the owner of this cafe, so I’ll see if he needs anyone. “¿Necesita algĂșn trabajador?” he asked the portly gentleman who came out to greet them. Frances listed closely to their 
conversation, noting that her new friend Eric was pointing her out, and the other man was 
looking in her direction as well. It was apparent that there was a need for a waitress at the 
cafe, and she could start the next week. In the meantime she would have to acquire a visa 
and a work permit before she could start. 
It was a new world, a new start for her, and she was suddenly more frightened than she had
been before. She had a job offer and an opportunity to begin her new life.

Joining in with Jose at Two Shoes Tuesday with the words 'offer' and 'out', which 
you will find in my story. Please check out other stories with Josie's challenge.
Two Shoes Tuesdsay
Hope you are enjoying the story. What do you think? Will we see Jack again? And what
about Eric? Please feel free to share your ideas on this story. You can catch earlier writing 
on Tuesdays before.

Linda Kay 
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