Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Celebrity Cruises

Felicia managed to secure a ticket aboard an ocean liner with a European destination, many miles from her home in New York. She gazed out over the water, so blue and still, and rubbed her arm, where a deep bruise was still visible.  That was the last time he had hurt her.

He had come home from carousing drunk, raging and slamming things around the room. The drink he had poured for himself, tumbled to the floor spilling its contents in a wide circle of splatters. Felicia ran to get a towel from the bathroom to clean up the mess before he demanded it. As she bent down, he kicked her and sent her sprawling, her dress now stained with the liquor. A piece of glass was embedded in the palm of her hand. She picked up a large piece of glass on the floor just as he pulled her to her feet. With one swipe of the glass, she cut a large gash in his neck. Holding his neck, he fell to the floor, blood gushing and forming a puddle around him on the white carpet.

She stood there momentarily, looking at his now still form, her mind racing. There was no one to turn to. She was alone. The police might understand her self-defense, but his family would not. Felicia was not safe from them. Stories she had heard of their vengeance gave her a momentary chill. It was only Friday, and she had the weekend to get away. She knew people. In the bathroom, she cleaned the glass and the blood from her hands. A quick phone call put things in motion for a new passport, a new identity.

Her first stop was at the bank, where she withdrew all the cash from the accounts. Her next stop was at a seedy little shop near the harbor, where she would now become Frances. With her new passport and identity in hand, she purchased a ticket on the cruise liner bound for England. They would sail the following day. She found a hotel near the harbor to spend the night. Everything was in order.

How soon would they find him? The police would look for her, but worse, the family would have messages out all over New York with a price on her head. She trembled at the thought. Sleep eluded her, as thoughts of running and thoughts of being caught filled her mind. 

The next morning she boarded the ship and set sail for England with passengers happy and celebrating the trip that would take them to new sites. For Felicity it was a trip that would be the beginning of a new life as Frances. Were there any mistakes? Would she ever feel safe?

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What do you think? Should I continue this story? Any thoughts of what will happen next to help me out?

Linda Kay

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