Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Recap

Here we are at Friday already, can you believe it? Some interesting photos to share with you first of all today:

Texas Longhorns. The value of the cow is the measure of its horns.

This one is black and white, and very friendly. Look at the size of those horns!

 Clockwise - Same as above cow from a distance,
A white one
Mama with her calf
Two calves, one developing horns, one just a new baby.

Another wide set of horns on this brown cow. I'm so fascinated with the variety of colors. These are all females, and some of them are pregnant, so there will be lots of babies coming up soon. I'm told they find a place to drop the calf that is secluded, and the owners have to find them to make sure they are protected.

2. I know you all love Polly, so I got a picture of Miss Fuzzy Face on my lap last night. I need to call for an appointment for a trim, for sure.

3. House plants are always a challenge for me, but this winter I've managed to keep two of them alive and thriving. 

Top is a Begonia, and bottom is a Swedish Ivy. So excited that they are doing well.

4. Spring break means Carson gets to come for a visit, so on Tuesday we went to the Pioneer Museum to enjoy some of their volunteers for "how it used to be in Texas". Here's Carson with a Texas Ranger guy (actually Carson has a 3X removed grandfather who was a Texas Ranger).

5. After wandering around the Pioneer Museum, we decided to head out to the LBJ Ranch to visit the Sauer-Beckman Farm, where we saw the largest pig I've ever seen, wallowing in the mud and water.

There were lots of animals on the place, so I'll share those with you another time. 

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Hope your weekend is fabulous!

Linda Kay
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