Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Reflections

It's time for the Friday memes....

1. I'll start this Friday post with the book signing in which I participated at the Patrick Heath Library in Boerne on Saturday last, just about 45 minutes south of us. There were twenty local authors in attendance, all with some of their latest books to sell. Unfortunately there was a Market Days, an Art Walk, and Spring Break going on in the town, so we had very little traffic. One never know how these are going to go, but I met some wonderful people.

2. My daughter Heidi celebrated her birthday on the 15th. But on the 14th, we all met at Red Lobster for a "lobster fest" feast.

3. Have I told you how much I love kaleidoscopes? I have a small collection. My grandmother on my dad's side used to have one in her home, and I was always fascinated by the colors.

Have you ever tried to take a picture of what the eye can see with the eye of the cell phone camera?  Not an easy task, but here's a capture of one of the scenes, never the same.

4. Isn't the beginning of Spring wonderful? We have a number of Bradford Pear trees, and when I'm walking under them, they sound like a buzz saw from all the bees in them. This is an especially large one just outside our neighbor's house.

5. Okay, here's my challenge to all of you crafty people who might be stopping by. My granddaughter is getting married in a barn in May, and I've been assigned to make a table cover for a serving table that is 8' long and 40" deep. I think I might make it basic white, but want to put burlap ruffles on it. Do any of you have some ideas how I might construct this? Looking for ideas.

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Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.

Linda Kay
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