Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Stuff

I really love to do these Friday blog hops, as it makes me look at the week and what has happened in my life. I'm not positive that it will have any interest for you, but anyway, I'm sharing.

1. First of all, let me share a couple of pictures of this awful frosty weather we have had in the Hill Country. Although it does look beautiful, it is TOO COLD, despite all the "oh, really" comments that will come from all by blogger friends in Boston, Canada, and basically anywhere north of us.

2. Have I mentioned that my hubby likes to keep stuff....lots of antiques (that's okay) but also old textbooks, and paper and magazines. We emptied out two file cabinets last year from which he culled some old blue prints and documents, but he stacked the rest on the floor of this enormous closet in our family room. The shelves are lined with old textbooks that "you'll never know when you might need that information." But he is finally now sorting through the files that make me crazy to get them off the floor. Did I say "nag"? 

I do have to mention here that he found some things that were pretty interesting, and he is making progress, bless his little pea-pickin' heart.

3. This cartoon was on the Internet for someone celebrating a birthday. Some of you who are the wonderful cooks might get a kick out of this one.
4. How about a tree house update. Jer is working on the shutters for the windows and door in the tree house, but the ladder and the railing are now up. When he finishes the shutters, it will be stained and finally ready for the kids. Some of the staining has already started. My daughter has decided that it will be easier with a spray gun to get into all the grooves, etc.

The Railing and the ladder are in place.

This is a shot of the railing from the deck.

Today the shutters went up on the side to cover the window. Just another set of shutters and a door, and the job will be complete except for the rest of the stain. I think when it is stained it will almost disappear into the woods. I'll post a last picture when it is finally done.

5. Just a random thought. My youngest (of three) granddaughter called me when I was in a meeting. I suggested that I call her back in about a half hour, and my thoughts immediately went to whether she needed some money for something. Shame on me. What she wanted was to talk to me about the major she has chosen for college, and what did I think of the university who offered it? I had to sit down. This sort of thing just doesn't happen very often. We do have some college savings for each of the three girls, so we discussed how her money would go further if she went first to junior college, fulfilled all her basic requirements, then transferred into the university. She will have to borrow funds for education beyond our stash. So now she is going to visit with both advisers, the jc and the university, to make sure she is taking all the transferable classes. She can live at home and keep her job, saving some money in the meantime.  It all just made my day!!

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Linda Kay

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