Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Fun

Happy Monday, my friends. Have I told you lately how much I enjoy your comments, especially when I do a bit of writing on one of my "writing days"? Be sure to think about a picture you might post and connect to the Wednesday Wit and Wisdom at this spot. Just find a picture that speaks to you, maybe even one that you will use on another blog hop, such as Good Fences or Outdoor Wednesday. Then write a story that comes to mind related to this picture. Link back to this spot on Wednesday and share your story, while practicing your writing skills. It might be the start of a great book!

I'm linking in today with Good Random Fun to share the weekend with you.

We shared our 10:30 Church service today with friends from where we used to live at White Bluff, then had lunch after at the Fredericksburg Herb Farm. Doesn't that sound like an intriguing title for brunch? Check out the website and take a tour. Cliff and Carol have been through what seems like a never-ending battle with Cliff's cancer. But he just keeps moving ahead and they try to do as much as they can. Their plan for Fredericksburg is the Museum of the Pacific War, and they will be in town through today for a two day pass. You actually need a two day pass for this museum, as there is so much to see. There will also be some re-enactments this week during Spring Break.

Carson's coming to visit tonight and tomorrow. We haven't had an over-night with him for a while, as he is so busy with school events, etc., so we decided this would be a great time for a bit of fun with Gramps and Gram. There will be dinner at Gatti's (where there is a game room), then off to the Pioneer Museum for the festival with volunteers performing tasks of old. We think he will enjoy it. Then the LBJ Ranch is also sponsoring an event for kids. 


Friday was our theater night once again, and we saw ONCE. Musicals are always my favorite on stage and this one was very well done. It's really a love story. There are only about 15 people in the play, and they were on the stage in some way throughout, playing instruments or just helping to move furniture around. It was very similar to an improv production.

We ate at a Brazilian Steak House in San Antonio, Fogo de Chao. It's very unusual dining for a steak house, in that they have a wonderful buffet of salads, anti pasto, etc., plus some items one might order with meats. Then a number of waiters bring around a huge variety of meats to serve at each table, just slice off a bit of lamb, roast, filet, chicken, game hens, etc. etc. until you have no room left!

  A lovely cheesecake for dessert - note no chocolate during Lent!

The selfie - with daughter Heidi, and her friend Kim. Kim will be leaving for a new military assignment, but at Ft. Knox in May. She has been in San Antonio after returning from a year in Afghanistan. She is a nurse, lieutenant colonel. We really had a wonderful time stuffing our faces.

Happy Monday!

Linda Kay
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