Saturday, March 7, 2015

Talk to Polly

“Lots of people talk to animals. Not many listen, though. That’s the problem.”
Benjamin Hoff

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Polly. And Izzy, then there was Sophie Dog. I talked to all of them. The beautiful thing about dogs who are completely devoted to you is that you can talk to them with their eyes. They seem to read your mind, don’t they? I’ll catch Polly just staring into my eyes sometimes, probably trying to discover something about how much I adore her.

I do talk to my animals, but there is a reason for that.  The sound of the master’s (or mistress’) voice is very important. From my voice, she hears commands, praise, and probably a bit of scolding and frustration. But does Polly listen? I think she does to some extent, but she has such a strong will that it occasionally overrides what I have to say. I think my next step will be some sort of dog obedience school.

What did Mr. Hoff mean by this statement? I read up on this author a bit, and found that he is really in touch with nature. He wrote two popular books, one of which is the Tao of Pooh, reflecting on Winnie the Pooh. This of course sent me into looking up Taoism, and a brief description of this relates to living in harmony through Chinese Tao. So Mr. Hoff may have been thinking in terms of the harmony of animals with humans.

Animals, like people, have their own way of operating through their life. Humans come along and try to make them adapt to our way of life, living indoors, going for walks in the neighborhood on a leash, eating when the food is placed before them, etc. Animals want to be free to their own devices, so why listen?

Just for kicks, think of this in terms of people listening to other people. We have our own personal set of values; our own buttons, so to speak. While we might have an ear to what others have to say, we adapt them to our own life views.

So maybe when I take Polly out for her next walk, I’ll give her a bit more leash so she can check all the message boards along the way that are further out of reach. It might take care of her wanderlust. Maybe she will even listen better in the future?

Have a fabulous weekend, and a great Spring Break for those who will observe that next week!

Linda Kay
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