Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Adventures

Can you believe it's Monday already? Where did the weekend go? Lots of things going on in our neck of the woods with Spring coming up. Hubby just finished his last continuing ed class for his master gardener designation, so now he just has to get about gardening instead of building a tree house. (Just kidding...plenty of time).

I'll share some things with Good Random Fun for this Monday.

Some of you were curious about the gopher cactus. This link has some additional info for those of you who like all the details, and here are a couple of pictures of our now blooming plant, thanks to hubby. Bet you didn't know a cactus could be so pretty.


Remember last week when we went to the Pioneer Museum? They had the oddest looking chickens there, so I just had to post a picture of these chickens that look like they have fancy hats on with fuzzy slippers on their feet. Note that I had to really work to get this little chick to show up in a picture.


Girls Lunch Day - Actually the JULIETs from the compound er, subdivision. The men have the ROMEOs (Retired Old Men Eating Out), so we have the girls who are Just Us Ladies Informally Eating Together.  We ventured out for a bit of a drive to Camp Verde for our lunch. Here are a few pictures of our day. It's a great place to visit, has a bit of history there (thus the camel), and the food and shopping were fun.

Front Entrance

We had to really work to keep people from climbing on the fountain

Lots  of unusual items for sale...many kitchen conveniences.

Be sure to think about a picture you might post and connect to the Wednesday Wit and Wisdom at this spot. Just find a picture that speaks to you, maybe even one that you will use on another blog hop, such as Good Fences or Outdoor Wednesday. Then write a story that comes to mind related to this picture. Link back to this spot on Wednesday and share your story or a poem, while practicing your writing skills. It might be the start of a great book!

Have a happy week!
Linda Kay
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