Thursday, April 23, 2015

At the Dock

In a previous post, I mentioned that we had traveled a bit north to LBJ Lake to visit some friends who were camping there. There was a lovely spot to sit and enjoy the lake breezes at the dock, where a number of boats were bobbing in their slips. The lake was a little choppy, according to some folks who were bring their boat out of the water, as you can see from this photo of the condos across the lake. It was a picture perfect day with sunshine and the breeze.

As we walked along the dock area, with my IPhone in hand, I took a picture of this unique rope fence, so I could join in with Good Fences for the Thursday post! Be sure to check on others who have posted a fence here, as some are very unique, and such a challenge to find a new one!

Enjoy your Thursday, as the weekend is just a bit away. And I'll have some pictures to share of my weekend with girlfriends in Port Aransas for the Sand Art. I'll be missing for a couple of days!

Linda Kay
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