Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Eyes of Pity

Thanks to all who stopped by to join in last Wednesday!

Here's hoping some of you might join me in posting a story with a picture for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom.  The challenge is to post a picture, then write a short story or a poem about the picture.  When you have your story written, you can link up for others to read.  Feel free to also add your picture and story to another link of your choice. The link up is on my WWW page here.

Here's my picture for this week, as posted on Monday. This picture is hanging on my Art Wall and was done by one of my daughter's boyfriends from college, Michael Schneider.

It's 1963, I think. I have lost track of the days of the week and the hour in the day in this awful prison in Vietnam. My fellow prisoners and I work so hard during the day, that we fall into deep sleep on the floor at night. My weight is down so much that I can see my ribs and my shoulder blades. The cell is cold and damp.

I write letters to my family, but I'm not sure the guards are sending them for us. My wife may think I'm dead, since I've been here for so long now. They bring us rice twice a day, but there is seldom any meat with it. My stomach has even ceased to growl, it is so used to being empty. 

I wait. Surely my fellow soldiers will come for me. My country wants me back. Where are they and when will they come? Is the war still going on? I pray each day for strength against the enemy and for my rescue. 

This is a little darker reflection than what you usually see here on my blog. I remember this as a very sad time in our history, so the words I've used reflect the anguish I feel for any of those who were then or more recently been held prisoners of war, and for the families of these gallant men.

Did you find a picture to write about? If so, please link in below.  Thanks for stopping by.

Linda Kay

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