Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Catchin' Up!

1. Among the beautiful bluebonnets we are seeing everywhere in Texas at the moment are the lovely little orange flower known as the Indian Paintbrush. Here's a picture of them. Along the ditches there are so many that the ditches appear to be orange.

2. I really do have some crazy Facebook friends, so here a couple of the things sent through the media this week:

I hope #2 doesn't offend you, but it just reminded me of how some people don't even think of how they look when they go outside or to the store or the beach!

3. Easter Sunday was fun. Here's hubby and me, him carving up the turkey for dinner. He found an apron with our last name on it, and uses it for such occasions.

4. We have purchased a new home, under construction, to be completed by June 30th. We get to pick out all the flooring, the paint, the granite, and the light fixtures, as well as the cabinet stain, so that's a good thing. We had a challenge with the trays in the ceilings, such as in the entrance way.

In the following picture you can see the color of the stone in the fireplace, which is also on the outside of the house, along with some colors we picked out. Daughter #1 helped me with the colors. We are painting the walls and ceilings except for the trays in those that have them, which are being a different color. In the case of the entry way and the dining room, the darker gray. The dark blue is for the front door inside and outside. The flooring is a hickory.

5. Boys will be boys. As the kids and us were visiting the new house, grandson wanted to go outside to look around. No problem, right. Here's where he ended up in his Easter clothes.
Mom and Dad just stripped him down, brushed him off, and headed home shortly thereafter.

It was a wonderful week. Our current home went on the market on Tuesday, so we will see how it all goes. I'll keep you posted.

Have a great weekend!
Linda Kay
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