Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday After

Can't believe the weekend is already past us, and it's Monday again. I'll share a couple of things with you today...

We drove north in Texas to the LBJ Lake in Kingsland to visit with some friends who were camping there at the Rio Vista RV Resort. Along the way, we passed the Wild Seed Farm, just outside Fredericksburg about 5 miles. They had two fields of Corn Poppies that were just stunning, along with other poppies and of course the bluebonnets (and even a hybrid white bluebonnet-shaped flower). So I made a collage of some pictures I took there.

The view of these fields was breathtaking. Then in all the ditches there was a blend of bluebonnets, Indian paintbrush, and yellow black-eyed susans. What a wonderful drive. The lake was lovely and it was a beautiful day.

I've started packing. If you saw my post on Friday, our house sold in five days, so I thought I'd get started. My friend had just moved back into her house after a very tragic water incident, so she had lots of paper and boxes to pass along to me. If I get started now, I'll be in better shape as time goes on. Starting with things I don't use too much.

Friday night was our last installment of my daughters and I at the Majestic Theater in San Antonio. The show for this last play was Annie. On this website there is a comment about "Little Orphan Annie" being created by Harold Gray in 1924 for the comic strips. This is the last of the season play we will see this year, as we will all be out of town for a wedding in May. 

How was your weekend? We had lots of rain in the Hill Country which we really needed, so at the moment the creeks and rivers are running pretty full. Think I'll do a bit more packing today, and enjoy the peaceful sunshiny day after the rain.

Linda Kay
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