Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday, Monday

Monday is a good time for Good Random Fun, so I'll link up with Tamar today to share a couple of things with you!

I don't think I've share my mini collection of Anri dolls that my husband started for me many years ago. So here are the four figurines in the collection. The are the larger size than the "collectables". I enjoy their sweet faces.

This is a collection of items to see if you know what they are. I'll list them at the end of this post. See if you recognize these items:


It's baseball season again with my grandson Carson - Coach pitch this year!

The items in the collage:
#1 - Pump Organ. - My aunt had one of these in her home many, many years ago.
#2 - Meat grinder. - It had to be mounted on a table top or counter top. You could put ham, beef, or a number of other items through this to be able to create a meat salad.
#3 - Spinning wheel - never owned or operated one of these.
#4 - This was the hardest one. It was actually used to create ice cream cones. The batter was put into the casing, then the form placed inside. The batter was then baked into a cone. These were used in the old pharmacy to make treats for the ice cream customers.

Have a great week!
Linda Kay
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