Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Port Aransas Weekend

Last Friday I mentioned that I was going to be on a Girl's Weekend trip to Port Aransas, Texas (on the Gulf) for the Sand Art Festival. We had a great time, and I thought I'd share some pictures with you.
This is the house we stayed in. There were 12 of us and there was actually room for all twelve of us for sleeping, a small kitchen downstairs and larger one upstairs, where we congregated most of the time. Port A had lots of rain prior to our arrival, so the beach was full of water puddles. But no mud, just sand between your toes!
These are some of the many works in progress we saw on Saturday, after the rain cleared off again from Friday night. Luckily the rain didn't destroy what had already been constructed.

They were all wonderful. Because of the fog and rain we did not go back on Sunday to see who had won. The beaches were packed with people, kites and seagulls.
Despite the rain and unbelievable humidity (bad hair days), we had a wonderful time and great food. 

Linda Kay
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