Friday, April 17, 2015


Thank goodness it's Friday! I think sometimes I'm on a treadmill, and I so love taking the time to write and visit with my friends in blogger land! So here goes. I'm linking into Willy Nilly Friday 5, and Friday Fragments. Thanks for hosting, ladies!

This first one was sent to me by a friend who found this flirtations male turkey out in her backyard. Doesn't he look like something out of a Thanksgiving poster?

2. This is this week's edition of my friends' Facebook postings. It's for all the teachers out there in Blogger Land.

3. Just what do you do when you have a big bovine like this standing in your way on the road? Honk the horn? Wave at her out the window? She finally got tired of looking at us in our red car, and moved out of the way.

4. We jumped at the chance to go up in the plane with our friends Henry and Coleen. Henry is a wonderful pilot, and here's a picture of the plane.

 And these were some of hubby's shots from the air of the bluebonnets in the fields below.

5. And how is the house sale going? Well I am happy to say that the house sold in 5 days...FIVE days! We are happy with the price, and we have arranged with the buyers to lease back from them until our new house is finished. Keep your fingers crossed that everything progresses as it should. I'll keep you posted!

Have a wonderful weekend,
Linda Kay
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