Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Have you ever taken your life in your hands (or in the car) to drive in a rainstorm?  We "had" to make a trip from Fredericksburg to Boerne to meet up with my daughter, so hubby could take Carson to baseball practice. (And of course baseball practice was cancelled by the time we arrived.) We started out from Fredericksburg, where there was no rain, but heard on the radio that it was raining pretty hard in the southwest. You have to understand that rain doesn't happen all that often, and the weather predictors are usually off base. So we headed South.

About 15 miles down the road, it started to thunder, loud enough to rattle the windows on the car. And the lightning was also lighting up the thunderheads. It started to rain buckets! Where our south road meets up with Route 10, there is a Love's Truck Stop, so we pulled in there to try to wait out the storm, as, like I said, we seldom have downpours in Texas.  

We watched the radar on the IPhone (Weatherbug, for those who might want the app), and the orange and yellow seemed to be continuing on our way. Hubby decided to risk it, and we got back onto the highway, then onto Route 10 to Boerne. I can't tell you how hard the rain came down. And idiots kept flying past us on the 4-lane highway like there was no concern at all. We kept a steady but slower pace, and it made me really nervous. Thank heaven there was no hail, just torrential rain. There were flash flood warnings for those low spots in the Hill Country, but none on Route 10. 

The usual one hour trip took us an additional 45 minutes. We had plenty of time, actually. Boerne got 2 1/2 inches, and some towns around also got several inches of rain. 

Have you ever been caught up in a storm? I'm joining in today with Two Shoes Tuesday with the prompts "rattle" and "risk". Check out the site for other stories from these words.

Have a great week!
Linda Kay
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