Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Draw Them In!

As we drove northeast through Oklahoma on our way to Illinois, we passed enjoyed the beautiful green meadows and scenery along the way. The road (Hwy 69) wasn't the best traveling, as it's one of the bumpiest roads I've been on. In any case, we came to the town of Pryor, just a short distance before the turnpike (I-44).

I remember taking a marketing class and learning about appealing to your buyers if you are a seller. It's important to appeal to joys and fears. But as we passed by the car dealers on our right, we were surprised to see this sign. Most of you are probably aware of the huge number of tornadoes going through Oklahoma each year.

When we stopped to get a picture, a salesman came out to talk to us. Jake thought we might be looking for a new car, but we convinced him otherwise.  There are some rules and regulations for this "free" storm shelter.

So here's my question. I'm guessing this shelter goes into the ground up to the half way point. But would you be able to climb into this? Since I'm very claustrophobic, I'm guessing I'd take my chances in the house inside a bathtub or something. And what about air and water, etc? Hmmmm. What do you think. Would you be banned from this for any reason?

Linking in today with Two Shoes Tuesday and the words "beautiful" and "ban". Meeting up with long-time friends this evening in Morton, IL.

Linda Kay
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