Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Ramblings

This evening we will be celebrating my grandson's 8th birthday with his friends as we initiate the tree house you have watched going up on my blog. I'll post some pictures for you next week.

1.Last Friday was the monthly Friday Night Art Walk, so I got a couple of pictures to share. The first is such a beautiful lady, and second a fife player in the confederacy.

2.Outside one of the Art Shops, the bees were working on the lavender. Kind of hard to make this fellow out, but he wouldn't sit still for the picture!

3.My granddaughter was in her Cheer Competition in Chicago area last weekend, so got these pictures from the FB posts.The first is Kenze (graduating HS on the 17th) with her sister, Macy (just a year older, and a true fan of Kenze's team. The second is of the whole team of girls.

4.I got my hubby a cute little CoolPix Nikon camera for his birthday this week. He can carry it in his shirt pocket. Now we just have to get the card to insert and we will be ready to go. And....I'll use it for my blog, as it has a zoom lens.

5. Polly just hanging out last night on Dad's shirt and a pillow. She gets a haircut on Thursday, so I'll make sure they don't clip her too short. I left the "flash" in her eyes...makes her look kind of eerie! She's an alien visitor.

Linking in to my Friday friends.....Willy Nilly Friday 5 and Friday Fragments and Five on Friday. Thanks for hosting! Have a super weekend.....

Linda Kay
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