Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday Stuff

This is the first day of the time we will spend driving to Illinois for our youngest granddaughter's graduation (Kenze on the 17th), and our oldest granddaughter's wedding (Lexi and Tyler on the 23rd). Our dogs are traveling with us, and we will stay at my younger brother's place back on the farm where I grew up. I'll be posting some photos of all these events, mixed in with visits with friends and relatives while we are there. 

1. Last Friday was the initiation of the tree house. So here's Grandpa and Carson in the tree house before everyone arrived for Carson's birthday celebration.
There were 36 boys, 4 girls and 25 or so adults in attendance with food, water fights and ice cream cake.

Water Fight!


Birthday Boy - Best Birthday Party Ever!

2. Here's a quote from Facebook to share with you. How many of you have felt this way?

3. Our house is sold, money in the bank until the new house is complete, so we are now renters! We had our new owners over for coffee to go over some things in the house on Monday. I have boxes packed everywhere so it's beginning to look pretty strange around here.

4. My book club met on Monday for a salad supper to select the books for the next year. The hostess provided salad greens, and we all brought something to add to the salad. It was delicious! Here are the books chosen for the next four months:
"A Year on Ladybug Farm" by Donna Ball
"Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker" by Jennifer Chiaverini
"In The President's Secret Service: Behind the Scenes With Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Serve" by Ronald Kessler
"Dead Lock" by Iris Johansen
Any thoughts on these? I have not read any of them as yet.

5. Newspaper headlines can sometimes be entertaining, although sometimes completely off base. This was amusing to me. Pretty sure it was intentional.

I'll try to keep in touch during my travels, but not sure of my wi-fi connections on the farm, etc. In any case I'll be back on the 26th! There are some posts ahead as well as others I'll add along the way.  I've listed five items and celebrations for a Friday, but may not be able to link back to the hostesses of the memes. Feel free to link me in, ladies.

Linda Kay
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