Thursday, May 21, 2015

Helen Fence

I have so much fun looking back through old photos to see if there is one that has a special fence for Good Fences so I can join in with the fun. Thanks, Theresa! 

This picture was taken in the lovely little Bavarian town of Helen Georgia, nestled along the Appalachian Trail. We had such an enjoyable time visiting Helen. Our hotel room opened out onto a clear running creek, so the sound of the water skipping over the stones was so soothing. We adventured during the day into the hills around town to view the beautiful water falls as well. Since my daughter's name is Heidi, we originally took this photo for her benefit (Heidi Motel), but note the little fence around the grounds. 

Be sure to put this little town on your places to stop to visit in Georgia.  Be sure to visit the Run Around Ranch Report to see other Good Fences posts!

Linda Kay
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