Tuesday, May 5, 2015

My Mother

I'm sure I have talked some about my mother, Wilma, and there is a link to the book we wrote together when she was 81. Since Josie has posted the words "mother" and "memory", I'll share a couple of memories with you. (Thanks for hosting Two Shoes Tuesday, Josie).

Looking at this picture, it almost brings tears to my eyes, as after almost 12 years since her death, I still miss her. Wilma was a perfect match for my dad, and they were together from their first meeting when she was just 15, he 18. They dated for six years and married in 1940, celebrating 61 years of marriage before his death in 2001. 

I was the second child of four, all boys but me. So Mother and I were very close. She taught me all the household duties expected of a girl/woman, but she also was a great example of working outside the home. When my older brother went to college, she went to work at a hospital in the occupational therapy department. 

When I think of her driving to work every day to the hospital in Lincoln, Illinois, about 30 miles from our home on the farm, I have to smile. She had a bit of a lead foot, and my dad and brothers used to really tease her about it. I do remember one day when she came home from work, she was pretty shaken. A storm was taking place, and the sky was very black. We found out later that she had passed through an area that was to be a path for a tornado, just a few minutes behind her. Too close!

Another incident she talked about was when she had car trouble just a few miles away from the house. She stopped at a neighbor's house to get assistance and to call my dad. This neighbor lady was not your stellar housekeeper. Mother said there was a bottle of syrup tipped over in a cabinet, dripping syrup onto the shelves below, and the phone was very dirty. She said she wasn't sure whether to put gloves on or leave them off to use it. 

We share many experiences, and she was always open to any concerns I might have had. She loved her husband, her children, and her friends, and almost always had that warm smile on her face. Thanks for the memories, Mother.

Happy Birthday to my hubby today!

Linda Kay

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