Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Mystery #1

Some of you may have followed me in the past for installments on a short story. So today I thought I'd start a story here for Fridays for a few weeks, a continuing mystery. We'll see if you can guess the outcome.

Friday Mystery #1

Kelly was thrilled to see her daughter preparing to marry her long-time boyfriend Brad. This would be Olivia’s second marriage. The arrangements had all been made to have the wedding in Kelly’s church, a quaint little Lutheran Church in the small town of Cherryville, where she was an active member and sang in the choir. Kelly had helped by making all the dresses for Olivia’s three daughters, ages twelve, nine and eight.

The day of the wedding was sunny and clear. Kelly’s daughter Connie and her husband Jack had flown in for the wedding, Connie serving as a maid of honor for Olivia. Their son Joshua was just a few months old, so they brought along a stroller and all the needs for the baby as well. A special room outside the church proper was used for dressing the bride and bridal party for the wedding, and a separate room was set up for the groomsmen. Everyone’s personal belongs were left in the rooms for the service.

The ceremony was lovely. Olivia’s daughters walked with her down the aisle and stood up with her for the ceremony. They also pulled the ring bearer and flower girl in a wagon, as they were very small. Brad was accompanied by his brother Sam. A dear friend of Olivia and Brad sang a song during the candle lighting.

Connie and Jack had hired a limousine to take the wedding party to the reception being held at a restaurant in a nearby town. The limousine and the wedding party were later than most of the guests, as they stayed to take pictures. Kelly and her husband Larry made sure everything was in place for the reception. When the limousine arrived, there seemed to be some confusion. When Connie looked into her purse for the money to pay the driver, her cash was missing. She searched all through her purse to no avail. Jack had some cash in his wallet and together with Larry had enough to pay the driver. Then others who were in the wedding party began to look through their wallets as well to find their cash was missing. Even Kelly, who had left her purse in the bride’s room during the ceremony, found her money was gone. Who had taken their money?

Linda Kay
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