Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Mystery #2

Some of you may have followed me in the past for installments on a short story. So last week I started a story here for Fridays for a few weeks, a continuing mystery. We'll see if you can guess the outcome. If you missed last week's introduction, click here.

Friday Mystery #2

With all the music and dancing at the reception, the theft was put out of everyone’s mind for the time being, and a run to an ATM machine filled wallets and purses again with needed cash. Not only was money missing from the women who were involved in the wedding, but also from the men who were dressing in the men’s room.

The next day speculation began as to who might have taken the money. Members of the wedding party began to look to each other with some suspicion. All were amazed that it could happen in a church, where they felt their purses and wallets were safe in the dressing rooms. One person noted that a gentleman had taken out a baby in a stroller, but most felt he was above reproach.

Kelly went to the police department on Monday to file a report, just in case there may have been other thefts in the town. A report was filed and Officer Gannon interviewed Kelly to get the details of what had happened. She gave him an approximate amount of money for each individual. He indicated that with the church being open and everyone inside for the wedding, there was little they could do to find the perpetrator. But he encouraged Kelly to keep in touch if anything new developed.

On the next Friday, Kelly went to the local grocery story to do her routine shopping, but when she looked for her prepaid grocery card she discovered it missing. She knew there was a considerable amount of money on the card. Could this have been stolen by the same person who took the cash? She wrote a check for her groceries and took them home. Then she called Officer Gannon.

“Where did you get the grocery card?” he asked.

“I bought it from a lady at the church who sells them for the youth group. They get some sort of commission from the sale of the cards.”

“Then I would check with her to see if there is a number on record assigned to your card. If there is, then have her call me.”

On Sunday, Kelly talked to Gwen, who had sold her the card, and she assured her that she would check into it.

Okay, all you mystery lovers. Any ideas yet as to what will happen next? Is there a number to trace, and how would that make a difference?

Have a wonderful weekend. The story continues next Friday.

Linda Kay

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