Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Mystery #4-Conclusion

Some of you may have followed me in the past for installments on a short story. So last week I started a story here for Fridays for a few weeks, a continuing mystery. We'll see if you can guess the outcome. If you missed the first week's introduction, click here. Then check on my blog the last two weeks for the update.

Officer Gannon brought Sally Spence in for questioning, but when she saw herself on the video, she quickly admitted to the theft at the church the day of the wedding. She was arrested but allowed to return to her home on her own recognizance, awaiting her day in court.

Gannon placed a call to Kelly. “Kelly, this is Tom Gannon. We have discovered who is responsible for the theft at your daughter’s wedding. Unfortunately, you do know this person. Her name is Sally Spence. I will tell you that she has confessed to the thefts, and this isn’t the first time we have arrested her for stealing. “

There was an audible gasp on the other end of the phone. “Are you sure, Officer? Sally sings next to me in choir, and I’ve known her for several years.”

“As I mentioned, she has confessed. She will have a day in court, at which time you are welcome to attend, and I’ll keep you informed as to the restitution and any sentence handed down.”

“Thank you. I know her family, and I know this will be a shock for everyone in our small congregation who knows her.” Kelly hung up the phone and called first her pastor to let him know what had happened, then Gwen who had found the grocery card numbers.

Kelly fixed a cup of tea and sat back in her recliner to think about how she felt so violated by someone she had trusted. Then she remembered another time when she thought she had more money in her purse, but couldn’t remember for sure and certain that it had been there. Now maybe there was a reason why it was missing that time as well. But as her mind was swirling with the betrayal, she thought too of Sally and what her motivation must be. She and her husband seemed to be doing well enough, so it couldn’t really be the money. And if she had an illness, then Kelly felt a twinge of sympathy for her. It would certainly be an embarrassment for her husband and children.

In the weeks that followed, Sally’s family left the church, where within a short time everyone knew of the incident. She was charged with the theft and ordered to pay restitution. In addition, she was to seek counseling and would serve time on probation. Kelly was happy that the mystery was solved, but would deal with feelings of mistrust that she had never felt before.

This is a true story, the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty. Have you been a victim of theft?

Have a wonderful weekend, but watch out where you leave your purse or wallet!

Linda Kay


Gosia k said...

nice story. Yes I was a victim of theft one. One bus thier stole my money

eViL pOp TaRt said...

That was a surprise ending to me! It was an enjoyable mystery, Linda Kay. Unfortunately, I was the victim of a purse snatcher, who pushed me down. And in a suburban mall, at that!

TexWisGirl said...

rather sad for all involved.

Far Side of Fifty said...

No I have never had anything stolen. I rarely carry a purse only in the summer when I need my epipen. Weddings...well we used to leave our purses in the trunk of our car. :)

Duckbutt said...

It was a good story. I enjoyed following it.

Mike said...

Our house was broken into twice years ago. After the second time the police said that's a trick burglars use. They steal stuff that they know you will go out and buy new. Then they come back and get the brand new stuff. I wish they would have told me that the first time.

William Kendall said...

I have not, myself. Good story.

Janie Junebug said...

I can't believe I missed the beginning of this story. I had to go back to read the first parts. No Lutheran would behave this way! ;-) I don't want to go into details, but many years ago a treasurer AT A LUTHERAN CHURCH stole from the offering plate. When we moved to Illinois a diamond necklace of mine disappeared. I put my most valuable jewelry in a basket, and we took it with us instead of letting the movers take it. When we arrived, I stupidly left the basket unattended in the master bedroom with the movers coming and going. It was obvious that the box was for fancy jewelry. I had no proof, so I made no accusations. I know it was just a THING, but I really liked that necklace. I'm still sad about it. Your story is great. I love it when you do these stories in parts.


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