Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Stuff

I always enjoy taking part in Good Random Fun on Mondays, as I can sort of share my last week of events. So thanks for hosting this, Tamar.

When we were visiting in Illinois, I took pictures all over the farm, but also was able to take on from my sister-in-law's hutch that I thought you might enjoy. It's interesting these are not all made by the same manufacturer, but so similar in style.

You remember that I'm packing, right? Our move is next week, as we sign for the house a week from tomorrow. You may not see much of me after this week for a bit. As I am cleaning out the garage, I took a picture of the items that are stacked up and ready to move.

Also, since my husband is a pack rat  collector of many items, I took this picture of some old stuff. The one license plate is from South Dakota in 1914! The trailer one is from 1941. Who knows the origin of the hard hat. And the tools ... who knows how old they are?

My first bloom from the hibiscus is open!

And from my Facebook friends... For all of you for whom English is not our native language, I'm sure you can relate to this. English is very hard to learn, so congratulations to you who have done so well with it on the blogs. This is for Janie J-bug.

Have a fabulous week ahead!

Linda Kay
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