Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 4 of the Journey

On Saturday night we had covered over 2000 miles on our journey. But let me tell you about this day. We started out in good shape, traveling along I-81 to I-78, taking us into New York toward New York City.  You have to look closely, but we were able to see the New York City skyline from the Interstate. From here we went through Connecticut and upper Massachusetts before stopping for the night.

We got caught up in so much traffic, and it was a Saturday! And the toll roads were pretty costly as well!

Once along the way, we decided we should take a short stop on at a service spot on one of the toll ways, but we quickly just went back onto the highway. There were police cars and more motorcycles than I've ever seen in my life. Some of the jackets were the Hells Angels and the Red Devils....hmmm, looked like a quick escape to us. This was just a small group. Since we weren't moving very fast, I was a little concerned about taking their picture.

We had to look for things to amuse us, so we spotted this truck hauling what looked like a mattress held on the truck with some dresser drawers. Not sure I'd want to sleep on this one!

This blog will post on Monday to give you an update, and I'll be back when we get settled into our house in Maine. I'll have lots more pictures for you!

Linda Kay

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