Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Destination Vacation

On Sunday we arrived at our destination in Camden, Maine....

The house is a two bedroom with all the amenities you can imagine with this wonderful yard to enjoy. The flowers are so beautiful and healthy.

On our first walk downtown on Sunday evening, we passed another yard that had this huge Hosta, so this is for all you gardeners.

My friend Monica, over at the Yum List asked if I could post pictures of what we are eating. For fabulous pictures and stories, be sure to visit this site! Since we had arrived in Maine, we stopped in Bath for a bite to eat, and it had to include lobster, so here is our late lunch:

 Macaroni and Lobster...and there were huge chunks! It was fabulous!

Lobster stew...that is probably butter the lobster claws are swimming in. Hubby said it was outstanding.

Since I'm on vacation, I had to share this thought for today. Be sure to check in on Wednesday for the picture story for this week, and join in with a picture story of your own!
See you tomorrow!

Linda Kay
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