Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday Fun

It's Friday! I'm joining in with Amy at Five on Friday and our usual Willy Nilly Friday Five to share some thoughts with you today. 

1. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm back up and running with my Wi-Fi and Internet, so am delighted about that. It's been so difficult to have the time to get in to see all of you fellow bloggers, so I feel like I've been on vacation from blogging. Since we are like three football fields away from a direct tower, we are able to connect to the signal without using any cable connection. This delights me to no end, because I've had an ongoing battle with the cable company to get their service. Now I don't need them. TV will be installed with a dish today.

2. This is a view of my garage floor...fencing materials in front of boxes of stuff still to be unpacked. And this was only the beginning of what we needed to build the fence! You will remember the GTO from previous is safely inside the garage while our regular vehicle is sitting out in the hot sun and weather.


Gutterman (company) installing the gutters on the back side of the house. The Company is working with the landscaper to address drainage issues to prevent runoff from the yard.


Those steel pipes sticking into the back yard are the structure for the fencing that is going up. The other fence is our neighbor's back yard. We ran some piping between their fence and ours to drain water away from our back yard, as theirs slopes toward us. But we are putting a gate right where their gate is, so we can go back and forth. Sort of a wine trail!


The living room is all set up, but not much on the walls as yet. We are setting pictures around the house to see where they will eventually end up. The chest was brought over from Denmark by my husband's great grandfather, so it's pretty special. You can see my window into the kitchen, the fireplace is directly across from it, and the TV is mounted on the fireplace. To the right is our seating area in the kitchen. I'll share more picture of the new house as we get more things in place.

And just for fun from a Facebook post:
Have a great Friday

Linda Kay
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