Thursday, July 9, 2015

My Fence!

I'm always looking for an opportunity to capture some unusual fence, and there are many in Texas. But today I'm showing you a couple of views of my fence, currently under construction.

In the first picture, you can see our car, which has to sit out all the time now that the garage is still full of boxes from moving. And you can see through the fence at this point, as the pickets have to be installed at alternate points on the inside (a shadow-box fence). Note in the second picture that there is a big tank behind the fence in the corner. This is our 500 gallon retention tank for water from the gutter, just installed yesterday. Note the landscaping is still in progress.

And I have my Internet and Wi-Fi established. This morning I first had the Internet/Wi-Fi- guys here to do the install, then the bug man came, then the Geek Squad brought my new TV and hooked up my blue ray player as well as the TV, and finally the repair man for our new water softener, which we found had not been installed properly. UGh! It was a busy morning, for sure, but things are looking up. The TV channels will be set up by DirecTv on Friday, and we will be totally back in the world!

Have a great Thursday. Joining in today with Theresa at Good Fences with my new cedar fence.

Linda Kay
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