Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Stone House WWW

Thanks to all who stopped by to join in last Wednesday!

Here's hoping some of you might join me in posting a story with a picture for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom.  The challenge is to post a picture, then write a short story or a poem about the picture as a writing exercise.  When you have your story written, you can link up for others to read.  Feel free to also add your picture and story to another link of your choice. The link up is on my WWW page here. This is #25!

Here's my picture story for this week.

The old stone house with its read roof looked pretty ordinary, surrounded by the wonderful stone fence (linking to Good Fences). In the right corner of the upstairs, the shades were drawn closed. And above them in the very top eave of the house, was a tiny window for the attic. The light shown through that window revealing the dust stirred up by here entrance there. 

Her heart caught in her throat as she looked around at all the boxes and crates and smelled the musty odor of old clothes. The old trunk was still there. She lifted the lid to peer inside, seeing the toys she had left there as a child. Her grandmother would lock her in the attic when she was away, some as punishment, but usually to make sure she didn't get into anything in the downstairs. Her room was just below the hatch and a ladder would extend down for her to climb. At one time she was afraid of the attic, but she learned to be amused at the antics of the little mice who ran along the edges, and even had names for them. There was Sophia, Julie and Sam, and they were her imaginary friends come to play. Now as she looked around the attic, and descended to her old room, she smiled. Memories of times now long past flooded her mind as she remembered her grandmother. The attic was her special world.

Now it's your turn. Got a picture that means something special to you or brings a story to mind? Post it in your blog, then link back here to share with others as a writing exercise for a Wednesday.

As you read this I might just be getting my Internet and WiFi installed...scheduled for today!

Linda Kay
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