Monday, August 31, 2015

Niagara Falls

As we were getting fairly close to Buffalo New York, we realized that Niagara Falls was only a short distance away, so we decided to take a detour to get some photos. It is probably one of the most breathtaking things I've ever seen. There were so many tourists there, and it was a Monday! We were on the US side, and you will see the Canadian viewers in the photos. In the first two shots, you will see the boats that go right down toward the falls, so everyone is covered in a red poncho. Note the rainbow created by the falls.

And the falls, looking from the US side toward Canada.

The Niagara River roaring and tumbling toward the falls.

Hopefully, you will be able to hear the falls in this video, taken with my little camera.
Have a really special week, heading into September. This is our last day of August!

Linda Kay

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Critters

Have a couple of things to share with you today for Saturday critters. The first was posted by a friend on Facebook of her new puppy surrounded by the cats on the farm. I thought it was sooooo cute!

I'm going to post some pictures of Niagara Falls next week, but thought I'd share with you the birds that are sitting on this log, right in the middle of the rushing water toward the falls.
Can you believe it???

Have a blessed weekend!

Linda Kay

Friday, August 28, 2015

The New House

Many have been asking for pictures of our new home, so today I'm going to post some and show you around. You can click on any of these to expand them, if you want a closer look.
The first two are of progress with the landscaping. You can see that some steps and rocks have been added to the patio, and the little bobcat is moving big rocks to make a terrace on the side yard. They are making lots of dust and dirt!

This is the living room. Outside these windows is the back patio. The two deer head mounted are hubby's treasures. His dad shot these in South Dakota over 50 years ago. The two prints between them are of minks - Audubon prints.

This is looking from the living room and fireplace toward my blue front door.

Master bedroom.

Through the kitchen from the garage door, again looking out to the back patio. Love the island and I have lots of cabinets. Pantry is on the right. The archway looks out into the living room (you can see the deer head).

The breakfast area from the kitchen.
The cabinet belonged to my hubby's grandmother, oak with curved glass.

Dining room, looking toward the front window of the house. Note the gray ceiling tray. Artwork is a collection of various prints.

Again from the dining room into the living room on the wall that is shared with the kitchen.

The landscape work continues even as I write this, and they are making some headway with the flower beds and rock. We will have almost no grass, except for the back yard, choosing to do xeroscape with some native plants in various spots. I'm very aware of water shortages and the need to preserve water, so we have a 500 gallon retention tank and the rock yard.

Hope you enjoyed the tour, and have a wonderful weekend!

Linda Kay

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Portland Fences

On our way south in Maine, we made a special trip out to see the Portland Lighthouse, which I will share with you at another time. We found the fences along the way pretty interesting, so I'll share them with you today and with Theresa for Good Fences!

I know, I know....more rock fences! But how about the beautiful flowers on this house with the rock gate and fence!

Have a wonderful Thursday, Y'all!

Linda Kay

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Delmar's Story

Thanks to all who stopped by to join in last Wednesday!

Here's hoping some of you, my faithful readers, might join me in posting a story with a picture for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom.  The challenge is to post a picture on your blog, then write a short story or a poem about the picture as a writing exercise.  When you have your story written, you can link up for others to read.  Feel free to also add your picture and story to another link of your choice. The link up is on my WWW page here. This is #32!

I've posted a picture of my dad on a previous blog, way back when, but I wanted to share with you a little of his story as told to me a few years before he died. Delmar was the only son, second child born to Kate and John.

Some excerpts from Delmar's story:

I started school at the old grade school in town. The janitor told all of us kids that there was a "paddling machine" in the basement of the school, and we were all afraid. I have memories of driving the horse and buckboard into town to my grandparents' when I could barely see over the sides. The horses knew the way home, so they would always get me there safely.

When I attended the country school near our home, I would start the fire and empty the ashes in the winter time for the teacher. 

My sister Florence used to read me the book Peter Rabbit when I was very small, and I had the whole thing memorized. I loved that story. One spring, we had a hen and ten to twelve chicks. I tried to teach them to drink, but I drowned them instead. I didn't ever get in too much trouble, as I was the baby in the family.

I drove my neighbor's tractor when I was only seven years old. We were still using horses at home. The tractor had iron wheels, and pulled a five-bottom plow. I also drove his truck to haul grain to town, and drove my dad's car when I was nine. Our first car was a Buick.

Years later, during the Depression, workers began to build the highway east of the farm. Mother and Dad took in workers to earn some extra money. There would be four or five men staying at the house, using some of the rooms upstairs in the old farmhouse, and eating with us. Mother also made lunches for them and washed their clothes. I remember one of the workers once showed me the effects of venereal disease he had caught, and it scared me to death!

I remember a poem one of them recited, but I don't know the author.

Beside a western water tank
On a cold November day,
Beside an open boxcar
A dying hobo lay.

His partner stood beside him
With a low and bended head,
And listened to the last words 
This dying hobo said.

"I'm going to a better land,
Where everything is bright;
Where beefsteak grows on bushes 
And you sleep out every night.

Where you do not have to work at all,
Or even change your socks,
And little streams of whiskey
Come tricklin' through the rocks.

Oh, tell my girl in Denver,
With her no more I'll roam,
'Cause now I've caught a westbound train,
And now I'm going home."

(That was the way Daddy remembered it, but I did find the poem on the Internet and have linked it here. Just a slight variation from what he remembered! There is also a song.)

We weren't rich, but we weren't poor. Times were rough during the Depression. You made do with what you had. Dad would give me $5 to go on a date, but I didn't date until I was a senior in High School.

I'll share more of his story with you at a later time. What a great guy, my Daddy. Hope you have enjoyed some of his story. Now it's your turn. Do you have a picture that reminds you of a story, maybe a bit more original than mine today? Now's your chance to write your story and link back to share with others at my Wednesday Wit and Wisdom.

Linda Kay

Monday, August 24, 2015

Erie Canal New York

Yea! I'm back home in Texas, but the temps are in the 90s (sigh). Since we haven't been in the new house very long, I can't remember where I put things! Hubby is busy right now hanging pictures. He wants to tackle the incredible mess in the garage, then spend some time in his office.

I guess since I have not been online as much as my norm, I have lost a follower! Yikes! And I don't even know who it was. In any case, life goes on.

Thought I would share with you one of our stops along the way in New York at the Erie Canal Village. Since I was a kid, I have always been fascinated by the idea of a mule pulling a barge along a canal, and I finally got to see the canal.

The old barge looks like it is just about to fall completely apart. If you are interested, please click on the link above to read about the history. Here's the song I remember:

Carson is back in school today, third grade! How did that happen. My daughter sent me this picture from the Meet the Teacher Night this past week.

And just for fun:
Happy Monday, my friends!

Linda Kay

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sea Creatures

One of our guides on our boot tour had a group of sea creatures to tell us about. So here you go!

The Lobster

The Crab



I liked them better when they are cooked!

Joining in today with Eileen for Saturday Critters

Linda Kaqy

Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Update

One more day of driving! To amuse ourselves we took pictures of signs and barns as we traveled across the Midwest on Tuesday on our way to Missouri and Lake of the Ozarks to meet up with my brother.  So here you go!

It's really difficult to get the focus in time to take the picture, but you get the idea. Lots of barns, old and new.

I'll be back on track on Monday, so look forward to spending more time reading all the blogs of my wonderful friends in bloggerland. Not having reliable internet connections and cell phone service is crazy for those of us who are so used to having it all. Our biggest challenge was the cell phone service in many parts of the country.

Linda Kay

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Breakwater Vineyards Fence

While in Maine, we visited several wineries. One of these was the Breakwater Vineyards at Owls Head. The house and grounds are really beautiful. And I know you are probably really tired of all my rock fences, but I had to get this one for you to show you not only the fence, but the flowers as well.

Pretty unique, right? The flowers in the lower right are Lacecap Hydrangea, so incredibly beautiful, even though they were starting to die out. I thought the fish sculpture in the grasses was also different. Joining in with Theresa today for Good Fences!

Linda Kay

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dog Days

Thanks to all who stopped by to join in last Wednesday!

Here's hoping some of you, my faithful readers, might join me in posting a story with a picture for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom.  The challenge is to post a picture on your blog, then write a short story or a poem about the picture as a writing exercise.  When you have your story written, you can link up for others to read.  Feel free to also add your picture and story to another link of your choice. The link up is on my WWW page here. This is #31!

Here's my picture for today: Izzy on the left, Polly on the right.

We have had it! Get us back to one place so we can just hang out! You have no idea what this woman has put us through in the past two months. About the first part of June boxes started showing up everywhere in the house. We had to go to our kennels all the time when strangers came walking through the house. No one had time to play with us.

Then a big truck came and took all the boxes and the furniture, and our kennels were moved to a different house. It took us a week or so to get used to where we were supposed to go to our kennels. And we have to wear these darned harnesses all the time to go outside to do our business on leashes. We can't just go running out in the back yard. You should see it, as it is a big dirt pile! The good thing is that we could sniff our way around the neighborhood. We thought this was it for us, a new home with some different digs.

Well, little did we know that we were going to be packed into the car to drive 2300 miles to a new place to stay. Our kennels came along and we moved into a house in Maine. Now we don't know about you, but this is really a lot to ask of two little dogs. We have tried to maintain our cool. Again we have to wear the harnesses and the leashes to go outside. The grass here is wonderful, and we can chew some to settle our nerves! 

We just overheard Mom say that we are going to get back in the car to drive all the way back to that house we just moved into in Texas. That will mean hotel rooms, different smells, different grasses, etc., etc., etc. But guess the bottom line is that if we are with Mom and Dad we are still happy. We just want to sleep!

Izzy and Polly and Linda Kay

Not it's your turn. Find a picture, write your story on your blog, then link it back to our Wednesday Wit and Wisdom. I look forward to your stories!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Blue Sea

Blues galore from Mt Battie above Camden, Maine. There are many islands along the coast of Maine, something like 3,000 according to one of our guides. These are pictures from which you can see some of the islands out in the ocean, past Camden Harbor.

These are from Cadillac Mountain at Arcadia National Park overlooking Bar Harbor.

Always the blue, blue sea. Joining in today with Sally for Blue Monday. Happy Monday, and have a fabulous week! We are traveling today, our second day out from Maine.

Linda Kay

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Boothbay Video

As you read this, we will be driving back toward Texas, mostly on Interstate 90 through New York State. It's been a fabulous time, and we will definitely return to Maine another time to enjoy the wonderful cool weather here in the summer. Perhaps the weather will be a little cooler by the time we get to Texas. Here's a bit of what I'm leaving behind (Taken with the CoolPix camera at Boothbay):

I have some posts set up for this week, and I will have more from Maine when I return to Texas. In the meantime, all have a wonderful week. I'll check in if I get a chance, but will be mostly driving and visiting with my brother Dave and his wife Judy in the Ozarks. Our ETA in Texas is Saturday. 

Linda Kay

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Birds by the Water

On various boat trips, we were able to see some birds, bird nests, and many other interesting items along the way. I don't have a picture to show you of the Eider ducks, but the story is that the male bird takes off after the female starts nesting. Then the female, along with other females and their babies, swim together in packs to protect the young. Interesting little tidbit. 

Ospreys are very common in the area: This one is really fuzzy, but you can see the osprey in the distance in the treetops.

Here is a nest on top of a bouy: Sorry, the osprey didn't come up for a picture.

The Canada geese are frequent visitors to the harbor at Camden.

Linking in today with Eileen for Saturday Critters. We leave tomorrow to make our way back to Texas, stopping first in the Ozarks. Have a really special weekend!

Linda Kay.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Save Our Steeple

We ran across an article in the local paper here in Camden about a benefit that was being held at the Chestnut Street Baptist Church. The entertainment was a delightful couple who sang mostly blue grass and some gospel, They are the LaClaires. Here is a short video of one of their performances some time back.

Now the real reason I want to bring all this to your attention is the reason for the benefit. Since 1837, the tall white spire of the Chestnut Street Baptist Church has been a focal point of downtown by land, sea and air. Home to the Camden town clock since 1868, it's been keeping the time for generations. Countless photos have been taken of Camden and its stately image appears in many of them.

Recent inspections have found this iconic Camden landmark to be leaning and in need of extensive repair. The congregation has chosen to not remove it, but to work to raise the funds to restore it. The church first began meeting at the site in 1808 when Thomas Jefferson was president. You can see the spire here closest to the harbor, the view from Mt. Battie. There is a better one on their website.

This is a collage of photos from inside the church the evening of the concert.

Just in case you might want to check them out and even make a donation, here's the site where you can go for a secure donation: Save our Steeple. We had such a nice time and met some very interesting folks, determined to get their landmark repaired.

Have a really special Friday. We have just one more day in Maine, then start our trek back across the states.

Linda Kay

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Fence from the Storm

As we were on our walk a couple of days ago, we came across what looked like a fence, and visited with the owner of the property. Apparently, a large storm came through Camden on November 2nd last year, dumping 18 inches of wet snow with high winds. It snapped off several of his trees along the front of the house, so he cut them off. Results are a strange fence, for sure.

But since you are in Maine, you need lots of firewood, so what's left of the trees is ready to be stacked up for the winter.

Linking to Theresa for Good Fences on this Thursday.

Linda Kay

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cabin in the Woods

Thanks to all who stopped by to join in last Wednesday!

Here's hoping some of you might join me in posting a story with a picture for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom.  The challenge is to post a picture, then write a short story or a poem about the picture as a writing exercise.  When you have your story written, you can link up for others to read.  Feel free to also add your picture and story to another link of your choice. The link up is on my WWW page here. This is #30!

Here is my picture and story for this Wednesday:
I had watched her walking, her shoes worn and her face almost invisible under the hood of her jacket. Routinely, she would emerge from the forest and make her way to the local grocery for some supplies, which she then toted back into the forest, following some invisible path. What was her story? I had asked this question many times, but no one wanted to talk about her. They said she was a witch, a crazy person, and to stay away from her. 

But on this particular day, I decided to follow her. Keeping a safe distance, I kept her in sight as I walked through the briers and brambles, the thorns tearing at my pants. We seemed to have walked for more than a mile before I saw the shack up ahead. Windows were broken out and the door stood open with no visible way of closing it. She stopped and looked behind her, as though she had heard me, and I ducked behind a tree. Silence. No sound around me or from the house. 

Quickly, I made my way to the side of the cabin, staying low and hopefully out of sight. My heart was beating so hard I was afraid she would hear it. What would she do if she saw me? I closed my eyes tightly, imagining all sorts of persecution for my snooping. Slowly I raised up so that my eyes were just over the sill of the window. A fire was burning in the hearth across the room, and I saw her shadow as she moved about the cabin. Then suddenly she turned toward the window, her eyes fierce and her finger pointed in my direction. "Go away and don't come back!" she shouted as she ran toward me.

I turned and ran for all I was worth back through the forest to where I had entered. I thought she was chasing me, but she was nowhere to be seen. When I went to bed that night, there were thoughts of the old woman and how she might come to find me in the night. And I still don't know her story, do you?

Have a wonderful Wednesday. I look forward to your stories!

Linda Kay

Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday at Sea

While Carson and his mom and dad were here, we took a little trip on the schooner Surprise from Camden Harbor. Here are some photos from that adventure: Raise those sails!

The Good: Carson gets a chance at the wheel. 
And the whole bunch posing with Carson: Son-in-law, daughter, Carson, me, Jerry.

The Random: While we are away, our landscaping company is working on our outside patio: The short wall in the back is part of our drainage project, as our backyard neighbors are kind of uphill from us. We have installed a French drain along the fence in the back, and there will be another on the other side of this short wall.

The Fun: From my Facebook friends: I thought this was so funny, since my little Polly always follows me to the restroom.

And here is another nice thought for today. Happy Monday, my friends. This is our last week in Maine.

Linking in today with Tamar for Good Random Fun.  Be sure to check out other posts on this meme! Yesterday, the 9th, was my big brother's 74th birthday.... Happy Birthday, Dan.

Linda Kay
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