Saturday, August 15, 2015

Birds by the Water

On various boat trips, we were able to see some birds, bird nests, and many other interesting items along the way. I don't have a picture to show you of the Eider ducks, but the story is that the male bird takes off after the female starts nesting. Then the female, along with other females and their babies, swim together in packs to protect the young. Interesting little tidbit. 

Ospreys are very common in the area: This one is really fuzzy, but you can see the osprey in the distance in the treetops.

Here is a nest on top of a bouy: Sorry, the osprey didn't come up for a picture.

The Canada geese are frequent visitors to the harbor at Camden.

Linking in today with Eileen for Saturday Critters. We leave tomorrow to make our way back to Texas, stopping first in the Ozarks. Have a really special weekend!

Linda Kay.
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