Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday at Sea

While Carson and his mom and dad were here, we took a little trip on the schooner Surprise from Camden Harbor. Here are some photos from that adventure: Raise those sails!

The Good: Carson gets a chance at the wheel. 
And the whole bunch posing with Carson: Son-in-law, daughter, Carson, me, Jerry.

The Random: While we are away, our landscaping company is working on our outside patio: The short wall in the back is part of our drainage project, as our backyard neighbors are kind of uphill from us. We have installed a French drain along the fence in the back, and there will be another on the other side of this short wall.

The Fun: From my Facebook friends: I thought this was so funny, since my little Polly always follows me to the restroom.

And here is another nice thought for today. Happy Monday, my friends. This is our last week in Maine.

Linking in today with Tamar for Good Random Fun.  Be sure to check out other posts on this meme! Yesterday, the 9th, was my big brother's 74th birthday.... Happy Birthday, Dan.

Linda Kay
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