Friday, August 28, 2015

The New House

Many have been asking for pictures of our new home, so today I'm going to post some and show you around. You can click on any of these to expand them, if you want a closer look.
The first two are of progress with the landscaping. You can see that some steps and rocks have been added to the patio, and the little bobcat is moving big rocks to make a terrace on the side yard. They are making lots of dust and dirt!

This is the living room. Outside these windows is the back patio. The two deer head mounted are hubby's treasures. His dad shot these in South Dakota over 50 years ago. The two prints between them are of minks - Audubon prints.

This is looking from the living room and fireplace toward my blue front door.

Master bedroom.

Through the kitchen from the garage door, again looking out to the back patio. Love the island and I have lots of cabinets. Pantry is on the right. The archway looks out into the living room (you can see the deer head).

The breakfast area from the kitchen.
The cabinet belonged to my hubby's grandmother, oak with curved glass.

Dining room, looking toward the front window of the house. Note the gray ceiling tray. Artwork is a collection of various prints.

Again from the dining room into the living room on the wall that is shared with the kitchen.

The landscape work continues even as I write this, and they are making some headway with the flower beds and rock. We will have almost no grass, except for the back yard, choosing to do xeroscape with some native plants in various spots. I'm very aware of water shortages and the need to preserve water, so we have a 500 gallon retention tank and the rock yard.

Hope you enjoyed the tour, and have a wonderful weekend!

Linda Kay
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