Saturday, September 19, 2015

Barrel Racin'

We picked Carson up from school, then took him to Baseball practice. The practice was in a field created by the owners of a ranch. While there we met the lady of the ranch, Charmayne James, who is an 11-time World Champion Barrel racer. Click on her name to see the page to advertise her clinics. Some of her horses were nearby, so I got pictures of them. I tried to get them to look up and pose for the camera, but didn't get very far.

For those of you not familiar with rodeos and barrel racing, here's a video to see the challenge. Note the horses also have to be highly trained. Bumping a barrel is a five second penalty.

Have a special Saturday, my friends. And catch the next rodeo that comes to town! Sharing today with Eileen at Saturday Critters.

Linda Kay
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