Thursday, September 24, 2015

Country Club

Guess What? It's Thursday again, and time for a few more fence pictures to share with Theresa at Good Fences. This meme has been around for some time, and it always gives me a challenge to find something new to post.

We were driving through the countryside on our way back from Carson's baseball practice out at a friends ranch. The first fence is the standard rail fence that is really of no use except to maybe mark the boundary line for the property, and look like the countryside.

This fence at the corner of a subdivision serves to mark the boundary for the house behind it, maybe a bit of sound barrier from the road, and host the beautiful sign for the name of the subdivision. It's also more of a gray color, and the partitions are set up to adjust to the grade of the hill.

The last one is more just for decoration, and I apologize that it's a bit fuzzy. It was starting to rain, so I took it on the run. The building and fence are part of the Fair Oaks Country Club where my son-in-law and daughter were taking us for dinner. Nice place!

I couldn't resist this video about the "Country Club", Travis Tritt.

Have a great Thursday, and take a few minutes to check out others who have entered fences on the meme.

Linda Kay
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