Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Reflections

Since we have our "five" memes back on line again, I thought I'd share some of the events of the week with you. Join in here with Fives on Friday! and join in for Willy Nilly Friday 5.

1. We have ordered two of our trees for planting. We took down a big oak tree and several small, spindly cedar trees when we bought the property, so now we are putting in two chinese pistache trees. Since the trees have to go dormant at the nursery, we can't have them transplanted until January, so we will have empty spots for a while yet. These trees grow really fast, and are quite lovely, as you might see from the pictures.

2. Last Sunday afternoon was my Do -it- yourself assembly day. Hubby is working on a work bench in the garage, so I'm in charge of these. So first I laid out all the parts and the instructions, and grabbed a Phillips screwdriver. The first project is a fire pit for the patio.

Ready? Drum roll!!!  Ta-dah!

3. My laundry room has wonderful cabinets, but no place to hang clothes out of the dryer. So I decided to get something to remedy that situation. Here are all the parts, and no screwdriver needed!

My new little hanging cart even has wheels, so I can roll it from the laundry room with all the clothes hanging, folded clothes in the basket in the bottom, into the bedroom for the closets and the dresser. Yeah! Can't wait to do laundry next.

4. Ugh! Dentists! I am a white-knuckle dentist patient. When I was a child, I had to climb so old wooden stairs to an upper floor of an old building in my small town to see the dentist. The stairs echoed as I climbed them, and I was greeted by the odor of the dentist office, whatever it was. The dentist was a huge man with thick black hair on his body...scared me to death! In any case, when I had my teeth cleaning this week, I was told that some of my old silver fillings are making small cracks in my teeth, and they need to be crowned....3 of them at $1400 per tooth! And I need a deep cleaning, $500 per side. Yikes! Anyone got some spare change around?

5. Here is my Friday share from my Facebook friends....
Have a super Friday, and fabulous weekend!

Linda Kay
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