Friday, September 18, 2015

People on Friday.

Some people observations:

1. Have you ever met up with an absolutely impossible person? When I was walking Polly one evening this week, I was in the street, but she was walking on some paving blocks along the curb of the road. Not in the grass, mind you. A guy came busting out his front door, "I want you to keep your dog off my property!" To which I replied "She's not in the grass." He came further toward the edge of his porch, "Are you going to stand there and argue with me?" I said, "No, just saying I always pick up after my dog." He said,"Those paving stones are also my property and I don't want your dog on them! Stupid people!", and he walked back into his house. I was in shock, and really angry. The next day I as thinking of how the city really owns the first four feet of his driveway, and he scared me so bad I thought maybe I should talk to the police about him, but finally decided that I was wasting too much of my precious time on an idiot!

2. A new neighborhood friend mentioned that she was really pleased with the product of our landscaping and asked for the name and phone number of our contractor so she could call him. So nice to get a compliment.

We received an email from our friends from camping days to let us know the place where they were going and there were motel rooms available at the site. Would we be able to join them? For sure we made a reservation and will spend a couple of days with our camping friends, cooking out, enjoying some fruits of the vine, and sharing some laughs later this month.

4. My hubby suggested that we go for a walk last evening, even though it was almost dark. 

We were able to observe this beautiful deer just beyond the street lamp, probably foraging on someone flowers! It was nice to be able to enjoy the cooler air of the evening on a peaceful walk with my Sweetie.

5. What's with a big increase in the number of spam posts? I had gone a long time without getting too many of these, now all of a sudden there are several each day. We can delete these, but they are annoying! Stop it, already.

My Friday post would not be complete without a picture from my Facebook friends;
This is for all of you who post about the frustrations of trying to lose or at least control weight issues. Love yourself just the way you are today. Worry about that after the weekend! Have a special Friday and fun weekend all.

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Linda Kay
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