Monday, September 7, 2015

We have grass!!

Joining in for Monday Good Random Fun

Our sod has been laid and we are now watering it to keep it alive until it roots. This first picture is looking from the patio to the back gate, noting hubby's flower bed set up for planting. The gate at the end of the yard has to stay out until the tree is planted back there in probably January.

The next picture is the left side of the yard, where sweet hubby plans to build his shed with a pergola in the front of it (that's why the stones are laid out there...not permanent).

No longer have to take Polly out to the neighbors' yards for her morning ritual! 

Random: You might remember my tyrade about the dentist on Friday....that was a new dentist, as my dentist was for some reason unavailable, and his answering machine sent me to the new one. Well, I found out what had happened to the good doctor. There is an article in the Fredericksburg Standard about his loss of a leg to a flesh-eating bacteria, contracted in the Gulf. He evidently had a spider bite on his ankle, had noted that the water wasn't very salty, and neglected to wear his waders to go fishing. You can read more of the story here. He agreed to the article so other would be aware of the dangers. Yikes! Pretty scary!

Fun: Bought these cute little tangerines at the store, so we have fruit on display and at the ready for a snack instead of chocolate!

And another cute quote from my Facebook Friends:

Life is great...Have a really special week, my friends, and for you in the States, an enjoyable Labor Day.

Linda Kay
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