Monday, October 5, 2015

Big Bug

I probably should have had this included with Eileen's Saturday Critters. My hubby, Mr. Master Gardener, has to fulfill his volunteer requirement for the licensing. So he has several opportunities to work at some of the gardens around town with other MGs, usually watering, pulling weeds and trimming to keep them looking spiffy. To our friend Barbara's surprise, this fellow landed on her hat.

This is really a huge praying mantis. But also notice the blue visor on the lady looking on for my addition to Sally's Blue Monday.

A couple more blue photos from around the house: This is a little tin cup I found in Camden ME this summer. I thought it was so cute, but I can't drink coffee from it as it gets too hot!

#2 daughter gave me this beautiful pitcher and glasses. I found the cute little vase in Maine as well as the little tiny dish on the left. The cup in the front is a toothpick holder. They sit on hubby's grandmother's china cabinet with the rounded glass sides. 

How about a pretty blue and white pillow to add some color to a brown chair?

That's it for my Monday edition, and thanks for hosting Sally!

Linda Kay
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