Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Stuff

This has been a very full week. As you are reading this, we are with our camping friends, staying in a motel on the campgrounds. On Saturday, I have an all day event in a nearby town library for a book signing, and Sunday is tied up with a number of activities. I'll be back to normal on Monday, really!  Today I'll share some pictures I've taken and have not yet posted, so hope you enjoy. The first of these are for Theresa's Good Fences, so thanks for hosting this meme for so long. It's been fun to always be on the lookout for unusual items to link.

This is also a fence, but a bit in need of repair, and behind it.......

This old shed really needs repair or maybe destruction. Anyone need some old barn siding?

Saw this idea on Facebook, and had fun making these for a cookout last Sunday. It is simply splitting a black olive in half, then cutting up one half into eight "legs", and arranging them on deviled eggs. The kids loved them! Although I'm not sure any of them actually ate one.

Hope your weekend is wonderful. Mine will be crazy!!

Linda Kay
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