Friday, October 23, 2015


Most of you will remember that we traveled to Illinois for our granddaughter, Lexi's marriage to Tyler. Here is the video that was completed for the wedding. Since I'm the grandma, it made me tear up a bit.

The girl with the darkest hair is her sister Macy, and the blond with dark rimmed glasses is her sister Kenze. Such lovely girls!

Many of our days include driving to our grandson's (Carson) ballgames. He is currently on a football team and in baseball. Sometimes he gets to pitch, so here he is in action. This is the first year of "kid pitch" as opposed to the coaches pitching to them. For 8 year olds, they are only allowed 40 throws.

This week I used points from my Southwest Card to secure flight for two of the granddaughters to fly here for Christmas week. We got really reasonable flights for them, and the guys who are coming with them are paying their own way. Daughter Angel is working that out with them. Macy and Lexi will be here, but....

Granddaughter Kenze has secured a new job with OSF Hospital, and she won't be able to get away during the holiday. All of the kids and their significant others (or husband as in Lexi's (Tyler) case), are in school. 

The other tickets we have secured are to fly to Illinois in mid-December to attend Tyler's graduation from Bradley University. He will then be on to Dental School, and we don't know yet where that will be.

Such exciting times with grandchildren. Sharing today with Willy Nilly Friday 5 and Five on Friday.  Thanks for hosting, Tanya and Amy!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Linda Kay
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