Friday, October 30, 2015

Plants and the Deer

  • I wish I could get a picture of the dear deer that are snooping around my landscaping at night. They have discovered our new plants! Some of the plants, they obviously have no interest in. But others become victims. I know they are hungry, as we had so much drought. The good news is that many of our new plants are already showing flowers!

Mint Marigold (the leaves are like Tarragon) 

Yellow Bell Esparanza 

Honeysuckle bush - the deer ate some of the blossoms 

Orange Esparanza 

Mexican butterfly weed 

Purple lantana

Nothing left on my bougainvillea, so sad. Will have to move it to the back yard.  

Tiger lily leaves seem to be really tasty!

  • Carson won't make it to our house for Halloween, but I took him a Trick or Treat bag and a glow stick with some candy and cookies this week. The neighbors have warned us. The traffic for Halloween in this neighborhood is heavy. Better get lots of candy.

  • I'm so excited to have my very special retractable clothes line to hang sheets and such outside. It's too long to stretch tight, so we have to use a prop in the center. Don't you just love having sheets on the line. They smell glorious! 
Have a special Friday, my friends. Got my candy ready for Trick or Treaters tomorrow night!

Linda Kay

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