Friday, October 16, 2015


I'm sharing with you today some photos of our nearly completed landscaping efforts, although some of the plants are yet to be planted in the beds. But first, thanks to all my followers, as I just reached 100 after a year and a half of posting pictures, stories and just stuff for Senior Adventures. So excited! Remember that we are set on xeriscaping to keep from using up all the water to keep grass alive. We have a 500 gallon water tank to store rainwater from off the roof, so we will be able to do some hand watering. Under the mulch beds you see in the pictures are drip lines that have extensions directly to any plants.

Sidewalk to the front door. Railing on porch is in place and a couple of bushes are planted. These should be deer resistant (there are many around us).

Looking off to the right, garage on the far right, three live oaks in the mulch area. We have trailing lantana and trailing rosemary that will spill over the rocks eventually.

We set up this cute little gazebo to keep a shadow over the table and chairs as the sun moves across the patio. There are still some minor things to do to finish.

Our side yard is large rocks and red granite, which is good for grass and cactus. In the mulch we have planted a turk's cap, orange esparanza, and some sort of orchid tree in the corner. There is a purple sage in front of the rocks, along with some trailing rosemary.

Looking from the garage to the front yard the red granite will be all cactus plants and my bougainvillea in the pot. I've already found the deer like the flowers! (sigh)

My silly picture for the day. Keep this in mind as you enjoy the weekend. Joining in today with Willy Nilly Friday 5 and Five on Friday.

Linda Kay
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