Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Last Prayer

Here's a chance to practice writing skills, my faithful readers, by joining me in posting a story with a picture for Wednesday Wit and Wisdom.  The challenge is to post a picture on your blog, then write a short story or a poem about the picture as a writing exercise. When your blog us ready, link up for others to read. Feel free to also add your picture and story to another link of your choice. The link up is on my WWW page here. This is #41!

Pamela stood on the beach looking out at the setting sun, her heart heavy. Tears welled in her eyes. All the mourners were now gone. They had stood inside the tent that shrouded the grave to support her in grief and to participate in the internment. But not one could understand the depth of her sorrow. He was so young and many plans were now impossible for her without him. How could she go on? Why did God take him so soon?

A breeze picked up from the water. She felt his presence beside her, as though she could reach out and touch him. The wind seemed to whisper his voice in her ear and brought her comfort. On this beach at sunset, he would always be with her. It occurred to her in that moment her prayer would no longer be for an answer to "why", but a prayer for "what's next?" It was time to find her way.

I have a dear friend who is struggling with loss, and this picture reminded me of her struggle to move on. Now it is your turn. Find a picture, write a story on your blog, and link back for this writing exercise. 

Linda Kay 
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