Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday at Random

I'm going to join in with the Friday memes today with an assortment of thoughts to share with you. Thanks to Willy Nilly Friday Five and Five on Friday.

1. Our Sunday School class wanted to do something special for a person in need, so we set out to take care of a yard that had overgrown and needed some serious trimming. 

2. Hubby's shop building is under construction.

3. The following article was posted in my home town paper, the Delavan Times. I don't remember this building at all. The article is from November 23, 1882. 

"Mr. John Warne, the genial proprietor of the Delavan House, now has things running under a full head of steam and starts out with a good run of business. The Delavan House has been fitted up in good style with new furniture and other fixtures and Mr. Warne promises to keep the best caravansary that the town of Delavan ever had."
I had to look up the word 'caravansary' describes a hotel or inn. Such interesting use of words in 1882!
Another excerpt from the paper: "It is (Mr. Warne's) his aim to furnish his tables with the very best the market affords, and believing in the principle that money expended for the comfort and enjoyment of his patrons will be more than returned to him by the increasing patronage to the hotel, is determined to keep the house up as first-class in everything."

4. Found on the back of a tanker truck.  What do you think?

Not sure I'd be interested in "crude drivers".

5. This appeared on my Facebook feed this week, and I hope you enjoy. It takes a few minutes to play, but Josh Groban and Kelly Clarkson sing a duet from Phantom of the Opera: All I Ask of You. This will be on TV - PBS Channel in December. Gives me chills, so beautiful.
Have a fabulous weekend!

Linda Kay
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