Monday, November 2, 2015

Lighthouse #4-Breakwater Light

One of the more unusual lighthouses in Maine is the Breakwater Light at Rockland Harbor.

Here's a short excerpt from the link above. Click on the link for more information on this very interesting and delightful lighthouse. Joining in today with Sally for Blue Monday.

The original plan for a short breakwater changed to two breakwaters, before ending up as a single, 7/8-mile-long, twenty-foot-wide breakwater completed on November 24, 1899. Severe storms that winter, however, showed that the breakwater needed to be taller, and a four-foot-tall cap, which included a forty-three-foot wide pad on its end for a lighthouse, was completed in 1901. Both the total cost of and the amount of stone needed for the breakwater greatly exceeded the 1856 estimates of $156,742 and 94,307 tons of granite. The final tallies were $880,093 and 768,774 tons.

Can you believe it's November? Did you survive the time change? Have a special Monday.

Linda Kay
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