Monday, November 16, 2015

Lighthouse #6 - Dice Head Light

Happy Monday to you all. Today's Lighthouse installment is Dice Head Light. Linking to Blue Monday and Smiling Sally.

Click on the "history" tab on this one, and you will see that Jacob Shelburne was the first lighthouse keeper and he wrote this little poem.

I always rise before the sun
And up the winding stairs I run
Put out the light, when that is done
Another day is just begun.

So pass my time from day to day
While months and years do roll away
And when the evening doth return
Behold the lamps begin to burn

Both bright & clear
To show the vessels how to steer
And if they steer well to the right
They’ll clear the shoal above the light.

The light should be on the other side
Where the channel is both deep and wide
But some Castine men or ginus [genius] bright
Said we will petition for a light.

They owned the Head, the rocks and land
Is a fact we understand
That was the reason why they said
It shall be built on Dice’s Head

Have a great week!

Linda Kay

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