Monday, December 28, 2015

After Christmas Thoughts

It's been a rainy weekend in Fredericksburg, and it's very cold. It was 75 on Saturday, and dipped down to the 30s by this morning. So it's a great time for reflecting on the weekend.

We enjoyed a quiet Christmas Day, sending messages and calling friends and family to wish them a Merry Christmas. We ushered at the church on Christmas Eve, and chairs were brought in to accommodate the huge crowd of people....640 in the 5 PM service. We handed out bulletins and electric candles for the candle lighting service. So beautiful, but I forgot to bring in my camera for a picture. There was an additional service at 8 PM, one at 11 PM, and again on Christmas morning at 9.  Obviously we didn't attend every one.

In the afternoon, despite my dislike of action type films, we went to see the Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. It really was pretty enjoyable, but I was never caught up in the first Star Wars, so don't have that point of reference. How about you?

Saturday was our big day for celebration. Two of my granddaughters, one husband, and one boyfriend all arrived at my daughter's (Angel) in Kerrville Christmas night. We all met up at daughter #1 Heidi's house for a noon meal. Also arriving were friends and family of my son-in-law as well, totaling around 25 people. What a huge crowd! We had decided to cook Italian for dinner and Heidi's sister-in-law makes a killer spaghetti sauce. She brought the sauce and past, I made lasagna, two others brought salads and appetizers and bread, and we had quite a feast. Before we ate, we all joined hands, and each person expressed a prayer of gratitude. Even Carson had his prayer to add. 

Hope your holiday was a happy one. For those of you who have been sharing in my Wednesday Wit and Wisdom, remember this is your last chance to link in this week!

Linda Kay
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